• Stories After Surgery


Dr Lee and the entire staff of VIP International Plastic Surgery Clinic were kind, helpful, and professional with me. The managers Ms Joanne, Ms Kim & Ms Chole answered the questions I have before and after my procedure; they were particularly attentive to me, when I expressed a concern, and wanted to ensure that I was feeling good. From the day I was discharged they called me everyday up to a week after the surgery to check my status. Very appreciative that they did so.

The 2 criteria after the surgery was explained to me very clear the possibility of pruritus post-surgery and the recommended treatment to ease my discomfor when I feel it.

Thank you VIP!


I am a 43 year old working mother of 2 with an absolutely fabulously supportive husband. Since I was 12 years old, I have basically had the same breast/cup size, 32 AA, or as my husband and I joked… 32 NA. Even when I was pregnant with my sons, my bust size barely reached a B, and I gained 50 pounds with each. After spending the last 2 years really trying to take better care of ourselves; starting to jog, exercise, etc, did I start talking to my husband about breast augmentation. In fact, we were laughing that if he ever got the truck of his dreams, then I wanted the boobs of mine. Then, guess what? Two weeks later, a deer ran out in front of him and he totaled his truck (He was fine). A month later, he came to me and told me he would support my dream of getting a breast augmentation.

I was referred to VIP International Cosmetic Surgery Center by one of my friends who had done same procedure. I met with Dr Lee for my initial consultation and I’m satisfied on his evaluation. Then few more time to trying on different sizes, discussed the procedure at length, viewed photos, etc. I choose to have the teardrop implant launched by POLYTECH in 2012 first in Asia.
It is designed by female breast shape so the result is very natural. I’m am 5’4 and weigh 110 pounds. I have a very small chest wall and was concerned about wanting to look natural when it was all over.
The teardrop name comes from the way it is shaped, with a sloped contour that fills out more on the bottom than the top, mimicking the shape of natural breasts. Even though the upper part of the teardrop implants aren’t quite as filled out as the round implants, they tend to give greater projection than their round counterparts with the same amount of volume. In my research nad Dr Lee explanation women who are seeking a breast enhancement that appears more natural, teardrop implants might be the right choice.
The procedure took 1 hour start to finish. I went in at 9:30 am, was prepped, met the doctors and surgical team, The anesthiology use Percocet for pain, Valium for relaxing the muscles, and surgical vitamins( which I started before the procedure) and an antibiotic to prevent infection.
I was sore and slept partially sitting up for a week (in a recliner). My nipples were sore for about 2 weeks, but it was tolerable. I had the procedure on a Thursday and went back to work the following Wednesday and was fine. I was driving by Monday, 5 days after the procedure. Now 6 weeks later, my breasts look and feel amazing. Dr Lee did not have me start massaging my breasts for 3 weeks after and boy am I glad. They would have been two sore to do so there is no empirical evidence that suggests that doing so prevent encapsulation.

I will recommend Dr Lee to all my friends like to have a “miracle of cosmetic artistry” it’s amazing!!!

Also to extend my sincere gratefullness to all the staff of VIP I can call myself really “Very Important Person”, they handle me with care and give me the first class service before and after my breast surgery.


I had thought about breast augmentaion since realizing I wasn’t going to grow any as a teenager. I was probably more of an AA cup and have always worn super padded bras or the silicone bra inserts. One time while riding a roller coaster, one of the bra inserts flew out. I feel sorry for whoever was hit by the flying fake boob. However, I knew I wanted to have kids and that breastfeeding was important to me so I held off on having surgery. My children are now 10 and 6 and our family is complete. For the last several years I’ve put it off as I had guilt about spending so much money.

When our income tax return came in this year, my husband and I discussed it and decided I should go for it. My husband served as US military soldier and presently we are station at Yongsan Army Garrison South Seoul Korea. I’m really lucky to have breast augmentation while I’m here in Korea for it is the leading country in plastic surgery. I was referred by my primary provider to VIP International Plastic Surgery Clinic and met with Dr Lee a few times, tried on different sizes, discussed the procedure at length, viewed photos, etc.

My surgery was just completed 4 days ago. I had 325 cc Mentor silicon high profile implants placed under the muscle. Incision was made under the breast crease. I feel really good. I took my prescriptiion pain medicine for a couple of days, but now am just taking motrin to help with any inflammation and soreness. I agree with many of the others that said that it feels like when your milk has come in. I remember waking up during the night with my breasts engorged after having my babies. This is very similar. You just can’t get relief by milking them. lol.
They feel tight and full. As far as pain, there is soreness at the incision site, but it’s not bad. I do not seem to have much swelling or bruising. I was very tired for the first couple of days, but my energy is returning. I will have to force myself not to overdo it though. I am typically very active. I ride horses, jog, help with my kids sports practices etc… Obviously lots of things that involve “bouncing”.

I am scheduled for my post op to learn the massage techniques in two days. I am wearing a supportive sports bra that zips in the front which was recommended by Dr Lee. It is looking like I will be pretty much a C cup when all is healed. I just wanted to look normal and cannot wait to buy my first pretty bra and have the freedom to pick whatever swim top, cute little summer dresses and tops I want. So far the best money I’ve ever spent on myself was for Lasik surgery and now breast augmentation. I no longer have to worry about anyone being hit by flying fake boobs either. lol.

I like to praise the entire team of Dr Lee who assisted me during the evolution of my surgery. The managers Ms Joanne, Ms Kim, Ms Chloe, korean ladies work in the front clinic (very kind enough to support me before and after my procedure.


Living in Korea for 10 years because of my military family I’m a patient of Dr. Lee since the age of 28, I felt very comfortable discussing this problem with him. I had given birth to a 10lb 5oz baby boy at the age of twenty. I realized that after giving birth to such a large child that things seemed different.

I discussed the problem with coughing, laughing, or the slightest bit of physical activity. He informed me that I was suffering from Stress Urinary Incontinence, be it with age or giving birth, some amount of stretching had taken place.

Another problem had surfaced also, I did not feel the same sensation while having sexual intercourse. Things had changed dramatically for me. Trying to reach climax was all but impossible. I felt very uncomfortable having sex. It began to have a negative affect on me mentally, not to mention physically.

Dr. Lee explained the procedure to me in great detail, and I felt very comfortable, he let me know what to expect from he start to the very end. And what to expect during the recovery time.

On the day of surgery everything went great from the time I walked in, and was greeted by his staff, to the time I left for home. Feeling a little uncomfortable, but not in any pain. Packing is placed inside, but it is not unbearable. Pain medication is given to ease any pain. the next day after surgery I went back to the facility to have the packing removed, which gave immediate relief.

After the 6 weeks of healing took place I felt as good as new, having this procedure was the best decision I had made regarding my health. I felt confident and vibrant again. And my love life was back on track. Having no problem reaching sexual gratification. Even my husband noticed the difference and was very pleased. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is suffering from this discomfort, and who best to hand the problem than a Gynecologist.

It gave me a whole new outlook on things, it was a motivational experience that took place. I soon lost unwanted weight, cut my hair, and made more personal improvements physically since then. It was just what I needed to get things going again.

I am now 35 years old and planning to have another child next year, and if the same situation arises from this child, I will not hesitate to have this procedure performed again with Dr. Lee.

I realize that this is a sensitive topic, but it is one that many women suffer from. I thank God for Dr. Lee and his professionalism in dealing with this sometimes uncomfortable yet necessary topic. He is truly an artistic doctor of the present generation.

I like to extend my timeless gratitude to Dr Lee and all his staffs; the Managers Ms Joanne, Ms Kim , Ms Chloe, cleaning and cooking ladies, and nurses. Now I’m back to the US soil I miss Korea especially VIP clinic

Jill Reed

My neck lift
I was in the contracting business in Yokosuka, Japan for 6 years and never had a problem with my confidence until i noticed a drooping skin on my neck in my 50’s. I thought the rest of me was still beautiful but the saggy skin began to affect the way I felt about myself. When I decided to have a necklift, 2 of my co workers that had done their surgery referred me to consult with Dr Lee of VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in Seoul Korea. At present Korea is rated as the leading and excellent country in plastic surgery. I flew to Korea and meet with Dr Lee he is one of the most caring, respectful, artistic, and dedicated doctor. The office staff is superb and outstanding, Ms Joanne the Clinic Manager who walked me through the proecess after the consultation, Ms Chole who lived in Japan for many years her customer service and knowledge about the procedure is excellent. Everybody from the office is able to comprehend including the cleaning and cooking ajima. I couldn’t be happier.

After my surgery not only does my face look thinner and refreshed, i look years younger. I know I will continue to look better as I heal and cant wait to see the final result. I say I had no pain during and just after surgery would be truthful but as for the overall experience, the pain was much less than I expected.
A great procedure that yields amazing results.

Thank you Dr Lee I’m very satisfied with my results – this whole process has been th emost positive and life changing experience ever!

Jill of Japan


Dear Dr. Lee & Staff,
first of all I want to say Thank You!!!
You have made me so very happy!
I have never been so happy and overly satisfied with myself!
You have given me a new-found confidence that I never thought I would have! Every time I look in the mirror now I smile. Shopping has become an absolute joy now.
Everything fits me so well!
Everyone loves the results and are shocked at what a beautiful job you have done!
Dr. Lee, you are terrific doctor! And your staff is more than I can ask for!
I have felt welcome and at ease from day 1.
Thank you so much for finally making me feel beautiful and perfect in my own skin.

Respectfuly, Kellie of Vilseck,

Midori Macintosh

Hi,I am Midori. I had the best care and treatment and after my nose surgery. I’m looking forward to going back to your clinic to have another plastic surgery. After research and looking around here in Tacoma Washington for the surgery I’m wanting however no one can do it except for Dr Lee. He is an excellent doctor and an artist at the same time. No other provider can beat Dr Lee’s expertise and professionalism in the industry of plastic surgery. I decide to go back to VIP clinic for my next procedure. Have a nice day.


Dr. Lee is amazing! He performed my breast augmentation as well as lipo on my inner and outer thighs. He is not only kind, patient, and knowledgeable…he makes you feel comfortable immediately! I am on my six months of my surgery — I had it in May 2014 – and things could not be more perfect! He’s a master at his craft and I woudln’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone!
Hollie,from Barstow,California


My husband serve to the US Army and in late 2013 we were assigned to the beautiful calm South Korea. In the early 2014’s I decided to get plastic surgery in order to remove the two “angry” lines between my eye brows.
Through my PCM at the 121 Army Hospital I was referred to host nation facility which is VIP International plastic surgery clinic located at Gangnam area. I went to check the clinic and to schedule appointment for consultation. First stop is the main office where I’m comfortable and satisfied to ask all the inquiry the information given to me was easy to understand. The managers, and staff articulate good english, polite, informative, and super friendly, the clinic is clean,well ventilated and architecturaly very nice!

On the consultation day meeting with Dr Lee he explained the procedure by he will made a tiny incision above each brow in my hairline in order to carefully cut the proper muscles. Once the surgery was scheduled I was surprised to learn it was actually an endoscopic brow lift and one benefit is the procedure will left me with a smooth unwrinkled forehead. I decided to do it with approval of my husband. Its been almost 8 months now after the procedure and I was VERY pleased with the results and glad I had it done! To add on the reason why I had a brow lift because my friends and family told me I was looking extremely tired and angry lately. I had tried to fix it with botox but was never satisfied. There was minor pain after the operation which went away within a week and I couldn’t be happier with my results. Now it is 2015 and I am 50; most people (brave enough) to guess my age tend to guess I’ m in my 40’s as it has held up quite well.

I also give kudos with the following staffs; Ms Kim, Ms Joanne, Chole and the nurses were incredible!!! they are kind and compassionate always available and were there to hold my hand when I needed it(which I needed a couple of times :) My overall experience was amazing and without a moments of hesitation I would recommend VIP Dr Lee to friends, family or stranger! Whether it’s a major procedure or a slight enchanment.

Way to go!!!

from La Holla CA

Susana Sommers Miami

I was born with a gigantic nose and was always self-conscious about it.
I was teased when i was younger and didnt feel pretty when i was older. In high school, I was the girl that no one wanted to kiss or sit with at lunch.
The ugly duckling per day.
My parents refused to let me get a nose job as they said “You look pretty just the way you are” which made me feel worse because I simply did not agree (or at least on the outside based upon my appearance and profile).

From the moment I became legal and had a job of my own, I saved every penny I could and at the age of 25, I had finally saved up enough money to “take the plunge”.
Let me tell you, regardless of the pain (and boy was there pain) and family’s disapproval, it was the best decision I ever made for myself.

For the first time in my life, I’m happy with my appearance and walk with confidence and my head held high.

Thank you for my cousin who was in the military and home base in Seoul Korea (as we know Korea is most advance and updated in cosmetic surgery) she made me consulted to the VIP clinic in Gangnam Seoul Korea.
First time I met with Dr Lee and Dr Song and I knew my life change drastically to a good one.
It’s been six months now and I’m back to US and I can’t stop looking at the mirror how beautiful and natural Dr Lee fix it beautifully and natural.

I also thank you the support of the two managers Ms Joanne, Ms Kim, and Chole for all my anxiety to do the surgery and answer all my doubts and hold my hands all the time.
I miss my second family in Seoul Korea.


Cassandra L.

I’m writing this review to give outstanding rating for VIP international cosmetic surgery center.

After giving birth to my son and daughter my body was never return to the usual size I wear.

There are stubborn deposits of fats due to respond in not heathy diet and exercise.

After my consultation with Dr Lee and consider me having abdomen,waist,hips, and thighs tumuscent liposuction (VIP had the best machine) as per my research I did not think twice.

I return the following day for the procedure.

I stayed as an outpatient and return every day to check up with the doctor.

I was very happy on the result of my liposuction and from size 12 presently my jeans size is 4.

If I will do again additional liposuction I will definitely go back to VIP the care I receive is super!

Thank you to Ms Joanne and Ms Kim the managers, Chole and the rest of the staff, the well trained nurses that render service for 24 hours after my liposuction.


Hello to the VIP Doctrs and staff,

I suffered a sports injury to my nose 12 years ago. That injury left me with a crooked nose, nasal constriction, and a scar on the bridge of my nose. I had a few consultations with an ENT and a different plastic surgeon. Those consultations left me scared and feeling that I couldn’t afford to fix my nose. Being in the military I was station to South Korea then, I was introduced to Dr. Lee of VIP! After meeting him I scheduled an appt. for a consultation. I was so impressed with the office, the staff, and Dr. Lee’s knowledge and professionalism. The way he and his nurses Joanne and Chloe explained things left me excited! I scheduled my surgery a week later! I’m now 7 months post-op. I get compliments all the time from people who saw me before the surgery. The biggest reason I chose to have the surgery done after meeting Dr. Lee was my little sister’s wedding. I was dreading more family pictures. The staff at Dr. Lee’s office did everything they could to ensure that I got the surgery and was healed before my sisters June wedding! I recommend Dr. Lee and his wonderful staff to anyone that is self-conscious of their nose!


J Limbo


I had a Rhinoplasty almost a year ago and could not be happier.
From the receptionist, VIP Managers Ms Joanne, Ms Kim, and Chloe, to the anesthesiology, the staffs are a dream for anyone coming to they’re facility. They are highly organized with every detail of my surgery perfectly laid out- the nurses are amazing, making sure my husband understood everything pre and post-op- they really do treat you like family. Dr. Lee has an incredible bedside manner and really listens to what you want. I remember just before going into surgery he came in to check on me to see if I had any last minute questions, I was looking at a Vogue magazine at the time and saw the most adorable nose on a model and even though we had already discussed what was going to be done prior (not to mention we were about to go into surgery!) I asked him if he could make my nose like hers- He looked and explained what he needed to do and said we’ll see”. After the “unveiling” 10 days later I was so shocked! It was exactly what I wanted and more- I was thrilled with my results-

I will recommend Dr. Lee, Dr Song, and his staff to anyone with a surgical non-surgical procedure they are amazing and CARE!

Thank you


Almost 2 months have passed since my face and neck lift + lower and upper blepharoplasty / fat transfer, and I must say that I am delighted with your work. I would, without a shadow of a doubt, not hesitate to recommend you, as I already have in this short time, to family and friends. From Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Hollywood to Coconut Grove, I practically combed the State of Florida in search of the right Board Certified plastic surgeon. After spending a full year of research and going to 4 different consultations, I am extremely happy with my choice and the results going and doing my surgery to VIP International Plastic Surgery Center. I truly thank you and I would also like to ad that should any of your prospective patients have any question regarding your abilities and might need a reference, please do not hesitate to let your Team of Terrific Ladies in the office know that I will be more than happy to personally call anyone who may be a little worried and need a reference for this combination of several procedures in 1 day. Many thanks to you and your wonderful staff!

Jenny S

Dear Dr.Lee and all the staffs.
Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I choose to fly there in Seoul,Korea for this surgery (tummy tuck & fat graft). You made me feel I was in great hands and made all my worries go away. I want to thank you all for your patience and your kindness that you showed me thru the multiple long distance calls to the numerous letters to the follow up visits. You are a great team and make each person feel as though they are special. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart I am forever grateful. I couldn’t have found VIP without the referral made by my dear friend who live and work in Yongsan Seoul Korea. Thank you.

Thank you for everything!


Feeling Fabulous (Again!) in San Diego
Although I remained confident in my decision to have surgery, I felt a little anxious when the day of the procedure arrived, as many patients do I reflects on that day, noting how reassured I felt when I stepped into the center.
As soon as I walked in the door, I felt the support of the staff and immediately calmed down. I knew everything would be fine. And it turned out great. Thank you so much VIP.


I decided to go for a consultation with Dr. Lee because of the great reviews he has on.
And yes, lo and behold he is the best MAN out there. I decided to go for it and get a tummy tuck.
I’m 12 weeks post op and the results are amazing. Dr. Lee goes for the ultimate best results and doesn’t stop until he perfects the procedure.

After the procedure, I was nervous and worried all the time. I was constantly emailing his nurse manager Ms Joanne and Ms Kim with questions and pictures, which they responded with proficiency. I highly recommend him for anyone out there who is considering a nip and tuck.

Dr. Lee, I will see you in February 2015!!!


Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I chose to fly here for this surgery.

You made me feel I was in great hands and made all my worries go away.

I want to thank you all for your patience and your kindness that you showed me thru the multiple long distance calls to the numerous letters to the follow up visits.

You are a great team and make each person feel as though they are special.

Thank you:)

From the bottom of my heart I am forever grateful. Also thank you for introducing me to Korean tradition!

Thank you for everything!

Sincerely Yours.


You have all made my surgical journey so wonderful. Your kindness and compassion made the entire process that much more pleasant and comfortable. I was very nervous going into the whole process and come out of it confident that I made the 100% right choice, all around. Thank you for the post surgical delivery of flowers, it was such a nice touch. You are all awesome and I love my new girls!

Anamae Crout

Dr. Lee is great. He is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated.

His staff is courteous and I like his philosopohy of medicine – part eastern and part western.

Now that some months have passed, I wanted to update my breast reduction review. Dr. Lee put me on a regimen of supplements at our first appointment, and after some blood work, He continued to check my breast for scaring and I’ve body position is normal and I can get back the self confident I lost before.

Honestly, what a wonderful thing to have a doctor who actually cares about my well-being, and takes the time to explain his thinking. He’s a great doctor, and when I think back to the days when I had the rushed and impersonal treatment of Kaiser US, or the hassle finding a plastic surgeon who would fit me in, I am truly grateful.”I will definitely go back to VIP with Dr. Lee if ever I decide to do another plastic surgery.Thank you Dr Lee and all the staff of VIP!

Annie of SF

“I was beyond impressed with my experience at this doctor’s office. My first contact was with Dr Lee and Ms Joanne I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind they are and how fast Dr Lee/Ms Joanne the manager was at getting back to me! A lot of doctors don’t realize how important it is to have administration like VIP. The first point of contact is crucial!

Now on to the appointment… my appointment ran on time, Dr Lee was really knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable throughout the consultation appointment! I would highly recommend this medical group!”Thank you Dr Lee and Dr Song for my facial bone surgery.

Karen Rocha of Cupertino, California

Jenny Brouch

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Lee and Dr Song, his office manager / Ms Joanne and Ms Kim. The offices are brand new, clean, and they run on time. Ms Joanne consistently answers all my questions before and after making my surgery appointment with Dr. Lee provides a safe, understanding, sympathetic, private practice, and always accompanies his diagnosis with standard western treatment suggestions in addition to Plastic surgery recommendations. He is the first Doctor I have ever had that concentrated on wellness of the mind, body, and soul. Seriously, he is the first doctor that ever made me consider to get a Liposuction, and I would fly to Seoul Korea for a surgery even if I was living back in NYC. 6 Stars if they had them!”

Thank you Dr Lee and the whole crew of the clinic!
Jenny of NYC

Eduardo Morales

Muy Bien,

I like to give kudo’s to the VIP Dr. Lee for the great work he did in my chest. Being half spanish I have extra development of my chest and it cause embarassment or discomfort while I’m working in the gym or just wearing a thin shirt. When I was referred to DR Lee he examine me and come up to the male chest reduction or gynecomastia it is a procedure to remove excess breast tissue and skin to help me regain confidence in my looks. Its been past one year now after my plastic surgery and everyday I enjoy looking at my chest.

Salute to the VIP providers and staff in the outstanding care that was given to me from the pick up to the airport until I have to go back to Columbia.

Ed Morales of Columbia

Lizbeth of Chicago

It has been my problem the sunken cheek and coming here in Korea working in the military I discover there is a way to improve my concern. I browse the clinics around Seoul Korea and surprisingly found Dr Lee of VIP international cosmetic surgery center. I called in for consultation appt and after the examination the best recommendation of Dr is to have Fat graft injection. Its very simple procedure with pain level almost to zero. In 3 days after the swelling get down its a huge improvement of the hollowness of my whole face. It is very safe and semi-permanent way to restore the youthfulness look in my face.

I will repeat the procedure in the near future and go back to VIP for the fat graft injection again.

It is not only the doctor I like to thank but the whole staff of VIP they were courteous to greet and take care of me while doing my treatment. The clinic is immaculate clean and well ventilated.

Lizbeth Robinson
Chicago USA

Rich Chan Long Beach

To the management of VIP,

I like to extend my sincere thank you to Ms Joanne (one of VIP manager) whom she evaluate the seriousness of my acne problem. Im a native of Long Beach California and happen to stop over in Seoul Korea to visit my auntie. Due to the change of weather my whole face got so red and big pimples came out. My auntie referred me to VIP for she also do her treatment too there. no wait time was wasted as soon as we called Ms Joanne I was in for consultation and instantly given the perfect treatment for my acne.

I’m back to the US now and my face still look healthy.
Thank you very much.

Julia Lo, Indonesia

I would like to thank everybody for the successful transformation of my nose from being a child I always fantasize to have a perfect nose. After Dr Lee performed the rib cartilage surgery in my nose I was so happy to face the mirror and look at my nose.

From the managers to the staff they were all very professional and make my stay to Seoul Korea pleasant. I’m well taken care and I would say I become their extended family for 10 days.

Till the next time.

Theresa Watkins, Las Vegas, Nevada

The #1 and excellent plastic surgery clinic in Seoul Korea.

Thank you Dr Lee for the job well done performing my liposuction. It gives me back my high morale looking at myself after having 3 children. I assure youthat I will recommend your clinic to my other woman friend here in Las Vegas. Your clinic is the most cleanest I ever since and the staff from the 2 managers Ms Joanne and Ms Kim and the rest of the staff gives me the best medical service I felt like I’m a VIP patient.

Thank you and till my next surgery!

Theresa Watkins
Polizzee Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada

Kaye Velasick

I was very much satisfied with the result of my nose that is because of Dr Lee’s expertise on this kind of surgery. I will strongly recommend his service to my other friend needing this kind of plastic surgery.

I salute to all of you

From Kaye Velasick of Miami Florida


Fantastic blog article.Much thanks again. Cool.


Hello! I am very glad to share my story with you, hoping that anyone who had the same complex as me would get encouraged.

Ever since I was young, my nose was tilted which gave me a masculine impression. It was my complex throughout my life and my sister always told me that they would someday fix my nose. But I was really scared of getting a plastic surgery, and was not planning to get one until I found VIP. My friend highly recommended to get a consulting from VIP, so I went to see what they could do for me. I found out that I had a deviated nasal septum which was a major cause of my rhinitis. On top of that, I really wanted to get my tilted nose get fixed straight so on that day, I decided to get the surgery. Because it was a sudden decision, I got really nervous and scared but the staffs and nurses helped me to calm down and told me to have no worries. After a quick test, I got the surgery. Dr. Lee and Dr. Song were very caring and I was very thankful to have them fix my nose. I was worried to cut out the cartilage from my ear, but they told me that they only used the cartilage from my nose because it was enough. I didn’t have any problem with anesthesia, and my swollen face came back normal after few days.

I went to VIP everyday to get checked after the surgery. When they were changing the gauze inside my nose to a new one , the nurses gave me their warm hands to grab on when it hurt. The staffs in VIP were like a family, they greeted me with a smile and always cared for me. They washed my hair for me too!!! They all felt like they are my sisters and aunts and I was very thankful to have them in the clinic. The managers were very nice and kind, and they really looked after me. Though it was very tiring and hard for me to deal with the nose with hoses inside, and a stabilizer attached to my nose after the surgery for few days, I was able to bear the hardships because they were there to help me overcome it.
Now it’s been 3 months after the surgery, and I am living with a very pretty nose with a straight nasal septum, and everyone that sees me tell me that I became so pretty. But they don’t recognize that I got a plastic surgery because my nose looks so natural!!! I love, love love love that I made the decision to get my nose fixed in VIP, and I am very very thankful to have met VIP family. I am so thankful to have a new life with a new pretty nose with no problem of rhinitis, and my self-confidence is coming back to me again!!! I am very happy to have a face with no more masculine impression!! :)

Thank you for reading my LONG essay, but if I summarize all this in one sentence, I would say..
I am very happy to have met VIP, and I have no regret but only feel so thankful that I made the decision to straighten my nose in VIP!! Thank you so much !!!!!!
I will visit you when I go back to Korea again :)


It was hard to choose which clinic to go at first since there are too many clinics in Korea especially in Seoul.

I sent a lot of emails to many clinics and vip was the only one answered all my questions.
Doctors and everybody were very nice and kind to me. I felt really comfortable during my stay in vip.
I went through cheekbone and jaw reduction surgeries with belly liposuction.
It was really hard for the first 3 days since I couldn’t eat anything because of the pain in my mouth.
I also had to wear the compression garment after the liposuction surgery and it was painful as well.
I just though that I had to overcome all this time with pain and uncomfortable feelings to become pretty and slim.
Chloe and Jin were very helpful during my recovery. I always asked them same questions which I already know the answers but to comfort myself, I had to ask over and over to be sure that when my swelling and pain will go away.
I really thank them now. I think it was good to have facial bone surgeries with liposuction at the same time since I lost quite a bit of weight within a month since I couldn’t eat so much. haha.
Really thank all of the staff in vip. Love you all!!


Hello from Malaysia, I want to share my story.

I got my eyes and nose done in VIP.
My friends always told me I look tired or just woke up from a sleep.
So I decided to get plastic surgery so I can be happy again.
I had consultation with Dr.Lee and Dr.Song.
My nose was too short for silicone nose again so I got rib cartilage rhino.
I had nose surgery long time ago but there was no change.
My eyes have double eyelid but not pretty because they were sunken.
I trust both doctors and did eyelid surgery and brow lift and rib cartilage rhino.
First day after nose surgery was uncomfortable but I had painkiller so it was okay.
I stayed for 13 days in Korea. While in Korea, I saw doctor everyday for checking my nose and eyes.
I got swelling care with Won Ju every morning.
For swelling I did icepacks as they told me and drank pumpkin juice from phamacy.
Thank you Chloe for my questions with nose and eyes.
Other VIP people are also very nice. Thank you Dr.Lee, Dr. Song, nurses, Won Ju, Jin, Elena and other Chinese translator.
I’m still swollen but I like result already.
Next time I will go to VIP again with my friend.
Many thank you thank you.


I’m a Vietnamese and I’m from the U.S. I got my first nose job done in the U.S ten years ago and I hated it. I had always want to do revision on my nose but so scare its gonna go wrong again. I’d done so many research from U.S all the way to Korea, Thailand, Taiwan….. But I’m so glad that I had found VIP. Dr. Lee is an amazing doctor with an extraordinary skill, he listen to what i want for my nose and give me advices what i need to get done to make my face prettier. However, he never pushed me to do them. But you know, doctor knows best. I listened to him and got my nose revision with rid, zygoma, genioplasty. I’m extremely happy with my result, I don’t think I’ve never this happy in my whole life, Dr. Lee had changed my life, i feel like i have been reborn again….THANK YOU SO MUCH…… LOVE LOVE LOVE DR. LEE TO THE MOON AND BACK. Another person I would like to give my gratitude is Joahn. Joahn is super nice, caring and considerated lady, she had helped me so much and i couldn’t asked for more, love her in a million. And there’re Dr. Song, Chloe, Jean, and all VIP staffs, to thx for. During my 10 days in VIP, I really got treated like a “VIP” but at the same time I feel like home, because they treated me like a family with love and care…… VIP IS THE BEST CLINIC…. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED….. matter of fact, I already brought my friends to VIP and they extremely happy with their results. I miss VIP so much. I’ll will come back to visit you guys again…..


Dear Readers,

Like most fellow patients, I was clueless as to which Plastic Surgery Clinic is good & reliable in Seoul.

By luck and fate, I found VIP Int’l from the internet. On Dec 10 2013 I had a consultation with Dr Lee

and also Chloe, the contact person in VIP. During the consultation, I already had the intuition that

Dr Lee is the perfect surgeon to handle my operation for a neck and face lift. He knows exactly what

the patient wants and he has the skill, experienced and hand to do a good job. He is also very charismatic.

On March 18th 2014, I had the operation done successfully and 3 months after, I am happy with the results.

It looks 99% natural and so far no one has ever probed if I went through a surgery despite some scars still

lingers on. Dr Lee said this is because I have thick skinned & his hands got sored after my surgery.

What makes VIP differentiate itself from other clinics in Seoul is it’s warm and homely hospitality both

in the clinic as well as in the service apartment which some patients are accommodated. I keep telling

Dr Lee, Chloe and Joanne that VIP is my 2nd home in Seoul. It is with their love, care, dedication

and sincerity that makes all their patients feel at ease mentally and physically and this is the main

contributor to all of us looking so great! Good cells are incubated during the stay.

A big THANK YOU to everyone in VIP Clinic from the Top Management to the tea lady and driver, they

make our stay in Seoul such a pleasant & memorable one. We get to meet many friends and promise

to visit Dr Lee & the rest of his team again in the near future.

Bravo and Awesome


3M fm SG

I had droppy eyelids, loose facial skin and deep laughing lines. These made me look tired and haggard. I had all these fixed at VIP in MAR14. It’s been 3 months since and I now looked fresh and youthful. The recovery was so fast and natural looking that people I met never noticed that I had surgeries done.

We (yes, 3 of us) spent the next 2 weeks in Korea for the after-care. We were very well taken care of and all staff in VIP were commendable for their dedication and professionalism.

Thank you Dr Lee and all in VIP and hope to see you all again in the near future :).

3M fm SG


When I was young, many people said my first impression is cold and hard to get along. Because my eyes were long and the tip headed upwards, my friends used to call me “cat eyes”. People judged me just by my cold first impression and my personality also became inhospitable. I hated my friends calling me cat eyes and I also hated people judging me by first impression even though later they found out that I was a girl who’s easy to get along.
My mom’s friend recommended VIP to have a consultation for my eyes. I was not thinking about surgical method to improve my impression but after the consultation I decided right away to have surgery the next day. Doctor gave me a belief that I can change my impression and can still make it a natural result.
And after the surgery, my life changed. Just by non-incision double eyelid surgery, my impression got softer and more girly. As people came up to me more easily and talk to me, I was able to open myself up and become more social.
My brother had ptosis so 2 years after my surgery, he went to VIP for incision method ptosis correction surgery. He is also very satisfied with the result.
Thank you so much.
xoxo Jen

Susan Chang

Hello, VIP staff and Dr. Song

Do you remember me? When I visited the clinic recently, you guys were all surprised to see my beautiful eyes. :) Two years ago, I had my eye surgery at the other clinic in Gangnam. Before I decided, I found many clinics in Korea with variable prices and techniques. Even though plastic surgery is the most important process to change my image, I didn’t want to spend that much money for my surgery, so I decided to proceed at cheaper clinic. This was clearly a bad idea. The surgery didn’t succeed and my eyes became asymmetrical and scars were obvious. I was upset every time my friends stared at my eyes, and commented that my eyes were better before with mono eyelid. One day, I scratched my eyes very little and my left eye became mono eyelid, and my right eye became triple eyelid. It was horrible and I urgently searched Korea plastic surgery center again. After multiple consultations in Korea, I decided to have my 2nd eye surgery at VIP. During the consultation, unlike other clinics, Dr. Song was very friendly to explain all my questions and had confident to his surgery. At first, I told him that I want a bold and thick eye lids. (like pan bingbing) However, he said every patient has eyes they will look good on (harmony face as they call) and if I proceed thick eye lids, I would look very awkward and obvious. I decided to do in-out eyelid, opening in front eyes, and ptosis, which helps me to open my eyes without using forehead muscle. He then explained very well with scientific reasons about the process and with some pictures. I appreciate to Dr.Song who spent extensive time for me and explaining every question.

During my surgery… I was very nervous that I was sweating a lot. And I didn’t see who it was, but one nurse came over and held my hands until the surgery was done. I felt so warm and was able to relax… Thank you so much..

After my surgery, my eyes were swollen due to lots of fat and thick skin. I asked JoAnn a multiple times. She listened to me carefully and as she told me, even after six months my eyes became very natural. Thank you JoAnn for listening to me, and taking care of me!

VIP did not seem like a clinic that treats patient like a factory manufacture. Every staff from Doctors to care takers knew who I was and I received the best service in the clinic. I also had skin care at VIP and shampoo service. Almost all staffs knew how to speak English or Chinese, so it was very convenient for me.

Now, my eyes have minimal scars and wonderful eyes like Korean celebrities. (soft and glowing eyes) It looks so natural! I love to put make up on my face, and when I do so, everyone says my eyes were very shiny and beautiful. They never asked me where I’ve done my eyes. When I tell them I’ve done my eyes, they do not believe at first. My boyfriend and some of my friends still do not know about my eye surgery… ;) Surgery fee spent on VIP surgery was worth it and I wish to do nose job at VIP because I’ve found out that Dr. Lee has phenomenal technique on nose surgery… Can’t wait to visit again! Thank you so much!!


Ever since I was little, I was always a fat girl, and got bullied from school because of obesity. For many years, I tried lemon diet, no carb diet (atkins diet), special Chinese diet medication, fat removing injection, and many more but even with constant workout, I couldn’t reach my ideal healthy body shape. After searching so much online, I decided to have liposuction in Korea.

VIP’s service was outstanding; most of them spoke either English or Chinese, which was very convenient for me. I did not have any communication problem in a country that I’ve never been to. They picked me up from the airport, and the room that I was staying was very clean. The hospital itself was very modern and well organized.

After consulting with JoAnn, the manager of VIP, I got to meet Dr. Lee. After consulting with him, I was able to tell that he was a very experienced doctor. I decided to have liposuction on abs, love handle, thighs, and calves.

Since I was asleep during the surgery from anesthesia, I did not feel any pain. The pain only lasted for few hours right after the surgery and after that I only had minor pain. Every 2 or 3 days they did high frequency treatment to prevent any lump. All the staffs there were very caring with after surgery care.

Dr. Lee told me to work out in order to prevent any side effects or regain of the fat. He told me that liposuction surgery is a beginning of changing my whole life habit. As I came back to the States 3 months ago, I’ve been doing yoga and other exercises to tone up my body. I’ve stopped eating fast food and am trying to keep healthier diet. All my friends and family were impressed by how I can become so fit. I am glad that I made a right choice to undergo this surgery in Korea. I would like to thank Dr. Lee and all other staffs for making my time in Korea very pleasant.

Thank you VIP and I wish you all the best!

C. Chen

American in Seoul

I first consulted with Dr Lee to possibly help me with nose surgery that was needed ever since I had a high school sports accident that broke my nose. At that time, the doctor just reset my nose with no concern to the internal structure or the outside aesthetics. Dr Lee fully explained the internal workings of my nose and explained the deviated septum issues that interfered with my breathing through the nose. Dr Lee generated a feeling of trust and respect with me. Based on this consultation, I decided to have my nose surgery conducted by Dr Lee.
The successful surgery and follow-up process with Dr Lee reinforced my feelings of trust and respect for Dr Lee and his professional team of care givers. Based on this trust, after six months of recovery for the nose surgery, I consulted with Dr Lee concerning a full face lift and liposuction.
Dr Lee again produced a great feeling of trust and confidence within me that I decided to commit to the surgery.
I’m in recovery now from this new surgery. I am amazed at the results already. Even though it has only been 10 days since the surgery, my bruising is minimal and healing is amazing.
I contribute the smooth recovery and healing to Dr Lee’s professional techniques and his after surgery care by his professional team.
As with any elective surgery, the decision is a personal choice. The trust and confidence that I have in Dr Lee and his team of professionals have made the decision a lot easier.
Thank you Dr Lee and Team.

Nina Tang

I’m Chinese and I’m from London. Ever since I was about 14-15 I had always wanted to have a nose job, my wish was to have a western looking nose but
my parents never approved as I was far too young . Many years later my dreams came true….. About 18 months ago I was searching the internet googling for
cosmetic surgeries in Korea, why I chose Korea??? Cos they’re the best and believe me the cosmetic clinic I chose is THE BEST!!!!!
I looked at over 20 clinics, their reviews, before and after photos but my mind was set on this clinic called “VIP Beauty- Korea”
I emailed the clinic and received a reply the following day. The consultant that dealt with my emails spoke fluent English and was immensely friendly and helpful.
After several emails an appointment for my rhinoplasty was arranged for July 17th 2013. Arrived Tuesday 16th July picked up at the airport and driven to VIP clinic.
There I was greeted with warm and friendly staff met my consultant Chloe, Joanne manager at VIP and several other members of the clinic made me feel very
My entire stay at VIP after the rhinoplasty were 12 days. During that time I was treated exactly like a “VIP”. Every single member of the team were so friendly and
attentive. I remember waking up from the anaesthetic feeling drowsy and thirsty being given a drink by a member of the kitchen staff. She was so kind and helpful I don’t
think I will ever forget her.
Dr. Lee the surgeon who performed my rhinoplasty is AWESOME’!!!! Not only did he give me the nose I’ve always longed for, he’s caring and makes you feel at ease.
Overall the entire member at the clinic ie Dr. Lee, Dr. Song, Chloe, Joanne, all the nurses and assistance were amazing. I am thrilled with my new nose just love it!!
Unfortunately due to work I have not been able to go back to the clinic this year but I remember promising Dr. Lee I would have my “before and after” photos taken
for their website so look forward to seeing you all next summer :) XX